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Our Food & Beverage Magazine Appearance

In March of 2023, we will have the pleasure of being part of the Food and Beverage Magazine. As a sneak peak for our readers, we would like to share our editorial and advertisement.

Our editorial story goes as follows, “

As new packaging targets come into view, with many set for 2025, changes to the way Australia creates, collects, and recovers product packaging are front of mind for many primary producers.

Adarsh Fibre, located in Western Australia, specialises in sustainable pulp packaging and medical products, and is seeing a strong rise in the popularity of sustainable alternatives to plastic packaging. The company takes pride in offering a range of products designed to minimise environmental impact and reduce waste, and is currently constructing a new, state-of-the-art facility to further its goals in the Australian food and beverage packaging sector.

Adarsh Fibre sources its material from local organisations who are looking to reduce their waste, lessening pollution from transportation and enhancing the circular economy.

Faz Pollard, Director of Adarsh Fibre explains how the manufacturing process works, “Waste paper and cardboard are dissolved in a water bath, creating the raw material known as pulp. High pressure and temperature are then applied in the desired shape, resulting in a very robust material perfect for high-quality, dimensional stable packaging.”

As pulp packaging can use pre-consumer and post-consumer paper and cardboard, the quality of product is as reliable as traditional packaging.

The advantage that Adarsh Fibre has over other companies entering the alternative packaging space was made evident when speaking to Dave Magill, Project Lead.

“Adarsh Fibre has a strong background in local manufacturing, which has given us the necessary experience to develop modern and robust production facilities and processes. This experience is a key factor in our decision to enter the food and beverage packaging market. Our advantage is being a local, experienced manufacturer with large-scale facilities.”

Adarsh Fibre will continue its market research and welcomes new connections from other manufacturers who would like to supply off-cuts of paper and cardboard or who may have packaging requirements of their own.

The food industry in Australia is the primary user of packaging materials, accounting for a 38.8% share in 2021, with the paper and board packaging category to record the highest growth at a CAGR of 3.4%.

Zach Riordan, Marketing Officer for Adarsh Fibre said the company has a key focus on providing alternative packaging solutions to the food and beverage industry in Australia.

“We aim to offer a new opportunity to producers, suppliers, and retailers with our newly built facility. As an Australian-owned and operated company, we are able to meet the increasing demand for locally produced and high-quality products such as egg cartons, fruit trays, and coffee cup holders.”

Adarsh Fibre’s facility is capable of processing approximately 3000 tonnes of wastepaper and cardboard annually.

To source the material needed, Adarsh Fibre continues to build a strong network with others who are working towards net zero.

Mr Riordan remarked “our director already has many established connections in the Perth area, and we are trying to expand our network even further.”

Adarsh Fibre puts their customers’ products first, and helps rethink packaging design, functionality, and material composition toward a sustainable outcome. Their research and development teams are currently working with multiple industry sectors to explore a range of innovative solutions that align with APCO.

As producers and consumers look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and give sustainability top billing in the boardroom, solutions like those offered by Adarsh Fibre provide real opportunities to exceed corporate and regulatory targets, enhance reputation, and achieve local sustainability targets.

Additionally, our print ad will include the following picture. Feel free to scan the QR code to take our product survey, and let us know which pulp fibre products you need (or go to

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