Adarsh Australia is a large scale design and manufacturing company. Our highly skilled team specialises in supplying fabrication services to resource, food and beverage, chemical, medical, automotive, construction and engineering companies around Australia and globally.

Adarsh Fibre is an initiative of Adarsh Australia to provide more sustainable and environmentally friendly medical and consumer goods. Adarsh Australia was awarded a Western Australian Waste Reduction Grant to develop a local Pulp Processing Plant capable of processing 1000 – 3000 tonnes of waste paper and cardboard destined for landfill into high quality, locally manufactured medical products, food and beverage packaging and consumer packaging products.

Adarsh has also partnered with universities to help support the understanding of pulp manufacturing. This includes the use of 3D printing technology to create moulds for more future pulp fibre products.

All products produced by Adarsh Fibre are made locally in Malaga, Western Australia.


Other Adarsh Services

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Custom Component Manufacturing

Image by Clayton Cardinalli

Adarsh Australia is a leading manufacturer of custom metal and plastic components in Perth, Western Australia.

With over 25 Years of experience our team of experts provide high quality products and fantastic customer service that you can depend on.

Afarian Plastics Perth, plastics manufacturing specialists

Plastic Manufacturing

Custom plastic part moulding and manufacturing

Afaridan Plastics is our very own custom plastic parts manufacturing division. We are plastic moulding and extrusion specialists.

We work with a large variety of plastic types and industries.

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Industrial and Product Design

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IdeatoLife is an initiative aimed to help bring accessible industrial design to Perth.

Our team of engineering manufacturing, product design and marketing experts help deliver new products to market.

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CNC Machining

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PG Watson is our very own specialised CNC machining division here at Adarsh Australia.

We Pride ourselves on our precision, quality and CNC machining capabilities.