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Custom Products and Solutions

Create Custom Pulp Paper Products and Innovative, Sustainable Solutions

Our team of design and manufacturing  engineers can create custom moulds for your pulp paper packaging or product needs. 


Using advanced manufacturing knowledge, CAD modelling and facilities, we can create or customise packaging and products specifically for your use case. 

Our team is working closely with medium and large organisations to create customised pulp paper solutions for a variety of purposes.

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3D Printing

Benefits of Pulp Paper Packaging & Products


Cost Competitive

Locally Made



Pulp paper is suitable for a large variety of packaging and product use cases. Common examples are shown below, but there are many more possible applications.

Food and Beverage

Dairy, Fruit, & Veg

Coffee & Alcohol





Medical & Scientific

Marceratable & PAS 29:1999 Products

Protective, Sustainable Packaging

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