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Australian sustainable landscape

Welcome to a truly sustainable future

Our Sustainability

Adarsh Fibre acknowledges that achieving a sustainable future requires strong business practices that prioritise the environment. We recognise that a healthy economy requires a healthy environment and we respect all life on Earth. As such, we commit to work towards sustainable outcomes via our manufactured moulded fibre packaging.

Australia sustainable trees

Adarsh Fibre's Guiding Principles

Adarsh Fibre Has Developed Eight Principles Which Guide Our Policies And Procedures  

CO2 neutral

1. Target Net Zero Carbon Emissions By 2040

Through our plant design, products, and low consumption of resources, Adarsh Fibre aims to achieve net zero carbon emissions by the year 2040.

Corporate sustainability

2. Integrate Sustainability Considerations Into Decisions

As a large-scale manufacturer, we make many decisions that impact the environment. This means that it is crucial we take into account the environmental sustainability of these decisions.

Sustainable Facility

3. Reduce Carbon Emissions From Manufacturing

By using more environmentally friendly practices, equipment, and energy, we aim to reduce the carbon emitted when manufacturing our packaging and products.

Sustainable Product Design

4. Manufacture Sustainable Products

Once at full capacity, our production facility will divert up to 3000 tonnes of waste paper and cardboard from landfill and overseas processing every year. Our packaging is also 100% recyclable.

Sustainable People

5. Implement And Improve Sustainability Policies.

From recycling old office waste, computers and equipment, to continually exploring opportunities to lower fossil fuels, we have implemented a number of eco-conscious business policies.

Sustainability in the Office

6. Reduce Impact Of Office And Transportation Activities.

To try to make regular small differences, Adarsh Fibre always prints using double-sided, turns off lights and equipment, reduces travel, and use electric transportation whenever possible.

Transfer of Sustainability

7. Share Our Sustainability Policy With Clients.

We include our Sustainability Policy in proposals to relevant clients and suppliers, keeping them aware of where we benefit the environment and where we can do more.

Increasing Sustainability

8. Review And Improve Sustainability Performance.

We actively review and aim to improve our long-term performance via annual stakeholder meetings, resulting in new ideas and improvements to our sustainability outcomes.

The Need For Sustainability

Adarsh Fibre is endeavours to deliver outcomes that will ensure the sustainability of the planet for generations to come. Sustainability means that future generations will enjoy environmental, social and economic conditions that are equal or above those enjoyed by the present generation. Our Sustainability Policy and Action Plan aim to sustain natural and social capital, while maintaining economic health for the organisation and wider community.

What We've Done

Purchase energy efficient and energy conscious equipment.

We have invested in electric machines for drying our moulded fibre rather than using industry-standard gas powered equipment. This means we're ready to be powered by renewable energy once renewable energy is ready for us.

We took great lengths to minimise international flying during the overseas production of this equipment. Of course, more and more people are getting used to collaborating over video calls, but we believe that we are ahead of the curve for reducing travelling for meetings.

Additionally, in our new facility, we have installed LED lighting, electric water heaters and are using an electric forklift.

recycling at work - perth adarsh fibre
installing sustainable solar panels on production facility

Implement sustainability policies in the office.

Our team know the importance of sustainability and continually strive to reduce the impact of their activities on the environment. Our staff policies and procedures include both small and large activities. Importantly, every step we take makes a difference.


Our office workers print using double-sided paper and in black-and-white. Staff also add waste paper collection bin for recycling.


When office and production equipment is no longer viable for the workplace, we encourage workers to reuse it outside of work. We also empower workers to recycle cans and bottles via the Containers for Change scheme.


To reduce energy consumption, our company policy is to turn off all office lights when leaving specific rooms during the day, and ensure all lights and air conditioning are turned off at the end of the working day.

Contact us to see the full list of sustainable accomplishments in our action plan.

What We're Doing Now

Achieving sustainability outcomes requires strong action that take into account the impact on the environment. A healthy economy requires a healthy environment and respect for life on Earth.

Sustainable Offerings

Sustainable Transport

Sustainable Practices

By producing high-quality, sustainable products, Adarsh Fibre's facility will divert up to 3000 tonnes of paper from landfill and overseas processing each year.

We will also research and offer sustainable pallet packaging to further reduce wasteful industry practices.

Company and director vehicles are transitioning to electric. Progress on this has already been started and electric vehicles will be prioritised for future vehicle purchases.

Additionally, Adarsh Fibre will limit future overseas and interstate flights.

Adarsh Fibre will continue to hold yearly meetings with the aim to improve our sustainability practices.

To reduce our scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, we will also review suppliers' carbon footprints with the aim to reduce our carbon footprint across the value chain.

sustainable packaging for apples - perth
electric vehicle charging for perth
sustainable value chain for adarsh fibre

What We're Doing Next

solar panels for adarsh australia
sustainable transport

2023 - Solar Panels

Other Adarsh Australia group organisations have already added solar panels to decrease fossil fuel reliance.

2033 - Electric Transportation

We will continue to explore using electric trucks and other vehicles to transport raw materials and finished goods.

2029 - Solar Panels at Adarsh Fibre

Once we ramp production and more energy is required, we aim to add solar panels to the Adarsh Fibre facility.

2035 - Purchase Renewable Energy

Once viable options are available, we aim to buy any needed electricity from renewable energy suppliers.

solar energy for adarsh fibre
western Australian green energy - albany
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