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Can You Recycle Egg Cartons? - Advice for Australian Households

Recycling Australian egg cartons
Australian Recycling Centre

One question that comes up a lot is whether you can recycle egg cartons. Of course, the answer is YES, you certainly can.

Egg cartons are almost always made from 100% recycled paper or cardboard, which means there is no problem putting them into your home recycling bin.

Keep in mind that it’s important that items in your recycling bin are not contaminated with food. So when you’re cracking eggs, please make sure to put the egg shells straight into your compost rather than getting runny eggs on your cartons. Soggy egg cartons are never fun, especially for recycling facilities and packaging producers like Adarsh Fibre.

In summary, yes, please recycle your egg cartons... As long as they don't have any food contamination.

And while you're here, make sure to contact for all of your packaging needs.

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